About The Wayne Chamber Of Commerce

A Tireless Salesperson

The Wayne Chamber of Commerce provides a clearinghouse of information needed by prospective industrialists, visitors, potential residents, and local businesses who are interested in learning more about the area.

An Expeditor

In serving the businesses of the community, the Chamber is devoted to activities designed to create more community wealth. As payrolls are expanded and more jobs created, everyone stands to benefit from the growth. More people, more sales opportunities, more money, more tax revenue, and the resulting increased services all add to making Wayne an even better place to live and make a living.

Another Front Office

The Chamber is the place where visitors gain their first impression of the hospitality and soundness of our community. This office reflects the energetic outlook of our civic leaders and the business community. It is a rallying point for community development.

A Necessary Business Investment

In the same relationship to your business as rent, lighting, advertising, and payroll, your membership investment should never be considered a contribution.

A Business Advocate

One voice raised in defense of a right, or one person or business taking on a project, is often weak and ineffectual. But when many voices are raised and many people work together in community affairs, much is achieved.

When you, as an individual or business, express your opinions and concerns and make a contribution physically and financially, in a cooperative effort with your peers in the community, you have made a commitment to work collaboratively for the betterment of our area. The Wayne Chamber strives to be a leading agent of change; to stimulate orderly growth and economic development, to address local, state, and national issues affecting our area, to develop social responsibilities affecting homes, schools, health, and to promote a free enterprise system.

You, as a business person working in and with the Chamber, make your contribution to the community effort and, in turn, benefits you, your family, and your business. Become a member today.

Wayne Chamber of Commerce Board Members

First Name Last Name Email Phone
Chelsea Rushlow [email protected] (734) 728-5430
Daryan Edmonds [email protected] (734) 722-1670
Maria Rico [email protected] 313-405-3701
Shane Vida [email protected] (734) 326-4602
Sue Elliot [email protected] 734-444-4170
Stan Shelton [email protected] 734- 649-4857